Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Real estate blog My goals / I joined Le Bois

Welcome!! I am very pleased to get my new page up and running here at stanhouse.com , and to announce my goals in real estate for the 2014 year,

1) To help my clients with the purchasing and selling of there home.(A goal of 5 transactions for 2014)
2) I am going to specialize in the Kuna Idaho market.
3) I want to work with 5 first time home buyers as i feel that is where I can be of the most help
4) To continue to build a team of trusted professionals for the Kuna Market.
5) To give out 100 referrals and receive 25 in return
6) To earn a reputation as an agent who puts his clients needs above his own. Mostly by doing just that.

So if you are in the real estate market in the Kuna Idaho Area, Please give me a call @ 208-350-1235

First step in reaching my goals for the year has been achieve, I now work for Le Bois Realty in
 Boise Idaho.